Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Mirablia's Sleeping Beauty

Im a serial starter. Last night I gridded up Mirablia's Sleeping Beauty. I've had this kit for ages at least a couple of years and its never really called to me. Mainly I think as I have never done beads before and the thought terrifies me
I plan on starting this tonight and when its finished I think its likely to be Esmai's. I might even do the rest of the set to go in her bedroom. I'm struggling to see "Tribal Dragon" and was going to continue on "Yule Fairy" but again the fabric is too small so I am going to restart that latter in the month on a bigger fabric.
 So the next update I should have some stitches to show
stupid pictures wont align sorry for it looking messy

Mirablia's Sleeping Beauty
Ready to start


Joysze said...

Looking forward to seeing this take shape. I think you'll be able to handle the beading just fine. :)

sharine said...

Can't wait to see your progress:)