Friday, 22 March 2013

Quick update- Lots of pics

This is the progress on "Sleeping beauty" More then I thought I would get done. Excuse the crappy gridding im trying different types
It has been pretty busy round here. We went to LEGOLAND for the day which was loads of fun. Connor got his Driving and Boating licences.

Eaten by a lego shark


Made out of lego

Made out of lego

Made out of lego
Made out of lego

Posing with Chebucca

Lego starwars
Connor also had a allergic reaction at school on Friday. I was there having a meeting when it happened,  but it scared the hell out of everyone. Were not sure what caused it. He came up in a angry red rash and his lips started to go blue. I rushed him to the doctors (which is just down the road from th school) and they refused to see him, even though I had his meds on me ( I haven't been shown how to use them) and said the best they could do is get a doctor to phone me. I have never been so angry and have made a written complaint to the practice manager. Anyway in the end I took him home showered him down and gave him his meds and his fine. He still has a rash but its going down.
Esmai has really grown
Esmai has really grown. Iwas trying to find a pic of hen she first wore this nappy but its on my old computer. Its not going to fit her for long :(


sharine said...

What horrible treatment. Legoland looked like lots of fun:)

Stitching Noni said...

Goodness I hope Connor is ok. Esmai looks so long.. She is going to be a tall one by the looks of it :)