Thursday, 9 May 2013

Stitching and the Esmai's first trip to the beach

Here is my progress. I would have posted earlier but have managed to lose all the threads i need for the lilac bits,so had to buy some more. I am really loving these colours. Working in columns is faster and alot easier.I will hopefully have a page finish very soon.

Esmai had her first trip to the beach and really loved it. She was a little unsure on the sand but soon started eating !

She also had her first paddle in the sea. After she got over the coldness , she was soon crawling through the water and having a good splash about!

I recently got a new woven wrap so i could do back carrys with Esmai,which is fantastic as i can use both my crutches and not have to struggle or worry about loosing the pushchair, just sling her on my back and off we go! Even my Dad has carried her on his back and enjoyed showing her the flowers in the garden. Connor keeps asking to carry her too but his way too short and not strong enough to, so he settled for carrying his teddy and spent most of the afternoon with Mr Monkey on his back.

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Minnie said...

I just love Connor, he looks so cute carrying his Monkey. Esmai is growing so fast and the stitching is looking good too.