Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Stitching-The Lake

I was meant to update this a few days ago but I lost my camera.
I was getting bored of working in rows so decieded to see how working in coloums goes. It was fster but then it was mainly blocks of colour but made a nice change. I am really loving the colours in this.
  We went to feed the ducks although yet again we got there too late and they wasn't that interested.
Esmai Wearing Daddys glasses

Connor chucking bread

He was very enthusiastic

Esmai getting a closer look
 Just a little way from the lake is this place,i don't know what its called but its really beautiful. Full of waterfalls and little rivers all overflowing from a bigger river. There are log bridges been made by people but it wasn't possible to get the pushchair across. I thought the water wasn't as deep as it was and dragged the pushchair to the top. The view was lovely. On the way back I walked down the streams which was easier but I got completely soaked and even lost my trainers in a particularly muddy patch. We are going again this weekend but hopefully ill have my new sling so should be so much easier and drier!

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