Monday, 20 January 2014

A little break

I have no stitching at all to show. Surprisingly im not that bothered by it.

I spent most of last year trying to finish page after page, I kind of lost the love for stitching.

I thought it was just where I had worked on the same project for so long and told myself that when I started something new I would plough straight in and everything would be perfect.

I found I was also comparing myself to other stitchers, how fast i finished a page, how neat my stitches was....

It was just another stress -when my life had became very stressful- that I had to manage and eventaully became not enjoyable. To be honest everything got ontop of me a little.

A break was very much needed. I told myself i would finish the page by Xmas then have a little break and would start a new project in the New Year.

I was hoping to get the threads for one of my Birthday charts but the car went BANG! so I am still waiting for them.

I decieded that a bit of a extended break was needed.

It has been almost a month since i put needle to fabric. I havent looked at any of the stitching on any Facebook groups im on unless it popped up on my newsfeed. I havent read any blogs. I havent even looked at my stitching!

Damn i have been bored!

I think its time for the break to be over. I have found that i dont know what to do with my hands at night while watching TV.

I have started to look forward to sitting down and feeling the thread between my fingers and seeing the progress i have made.


Slowly, and possibly not every night. I dont know when my next update will be. Im going to concentrate on enjoying every stitch, like it should be, not on how much i have accomplished.


Minnie said...

That last line you wrote is exactly why you should stitch, for the enjoyment of it, it is not a contest or a race. Happy Stitching.

Emma/Itzy said...

It's all about the enjoyment! Stitch something for you, no one else and most of all enjoy it! So what if something takes months as long as you enjoy it :) xx

Amber said...

Thank you both :)