Thursday, 5 December 2013

Dress finished!

Well on this page anyway!
I have filled in the last bit of background at the top and the random stitches of the colour I was missing.
The dress is still missing the white but I will be doing that when the whole piece is finished.
Next up is the black frame and draping fabric which I will be stitching at the same time. Hopefully the next update will be a page finish!
When I have finished this page I have been considering putting her away for a few months. I would like to work on some Xmas designs while its not too late and in the new year will be starting another HAED possibly Middle Earth or Forest walk SK. I have never worked in a rotation before but was thinking of working on a new one until August then returning to Yule Fairy


Emma/Itzy said...

Great progress and both HAED choices are on my to stitch day!

sharine said...

Great work. Love your new charts:)