Monday, 7 February 2011


I am now a proud member of International stitchers. A stitching site started by Lesley, she is my partner this month. I’m so excited. This will be my first swap, ever! After I have confirmed she has received her item from me I will post pictures for everyone to see.
Heaven and earth designs are amazing. I have browsed through their website a few times and recently made an account. This may not sound like a bad thing but it now means I can buy things. And keep track of things I want.( 127 items in my wish-list) all I can say is hubbys in for a expensive xmas. Hehe. I think I could quite happily stitch Heaven and Earth designs for the rest of my life and still not get through all my favs.

And a fair bit of it. Go me! As you can see 3 flowers a lot of diamonds, and leaves. I’m starting to hate leaves. I have also re-prepared the fabric as was having massive problems with the tension. Ironing has got rid of the horrible rings that my old frame had left.

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