Monday, 7 March 2011

Dangerous driving

I was crushed. By a couple of hundred tins of dog food. By my mother. On her mobility scooter.
My mother has one of those mobility scooters, amazing things but the owners should be made to take a driving test when they first get one. The reason why. My mother is a nightmare on it.

We were in a local shop and we decided to leave, instead of going the long way around she tries to reverse. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she could. She went zooming back into a display of dog food tins. Guess who was standing next to the damned thing. Yep me. I ended up on the floor with a couple of hundred tins of sodding dog food on me. You know what my mum did then, laughed! A shop assistant had to help me up and tidy up the mass of dog food. I managed to get up only to find mum reverse into a stack of kitchen role. So I have been on crutches since. Now I have pulled muscles in my side, stomach and neck I have a lot of bruising on my hands, I thought crutches was meant to be our friends.

I’m back on crutches yet again. My hands are bruised from using the crutches so I haven’t got a clue how long it will be before I can stitch properly again. Hopefully not too long.

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