Monday, 14 March 2011

There’s not a whole lot of stitching to show so I won’t upload a pic. It’s got a little bit more blue then last time.
I found I have been getting bored with doing this, it’s started to make it progress really slow. So I have brought a new cross stitch which I plan to rotate maybe on a monthly or weekly basis. I notice that a lot of stitchers have a rotation plan, but I have no idea where to start at the moment.  Hopefully I won’t lose the will to stitch anymore.

This is the new cross stitch I brought: Hidden Spirits
I have been wishing for it for ages, although I wasn’t willing to pay the prices I had found it for. I spent a couple of hours looking around on eBay and found it! More than half the original price I have seen, well worth the time looking about.

In non stitchey news my son had his lovely hair chopped off today. I was almost in tears when the hair dresser took the first snip. His had trims before but never a cut like this. He behaved so well, if you ignore the fact he was flirting with the lady that done his hair. Here are the before and after pics

Before, look how beautiful it is.

So Short.


Lonneke said...

That sure is a change! He's a cutie.

Losing the interest to stitch is a bummer. Happens to me too sometimes.
Hidden spirits is gorgeous. Hopefully it will lift your stitching spirits! ;-)

krystaline said...

yeah its a massive change.still trying to get used to it.
im really hoping that starting a new one and rotating every so often will help keep me interested.
thank you for your comment :)